Hi, I'm Lauren!

Zella & Kay is my baby, my creative outlet, and my side hustle. It all came about in spring 2016 when I was going through a particularly challenging season. I decided to launch this little business as a way of focusing my spare time and energy into something generative. Little did I know, it blossomed (get it?!) into a thriving venture. 

The shop name comes from a combination of my grandmothers' middle names - Mary Zella and Patsy Kay - unique women with a passion for making things for their homes and families. Mary Zella was kind, patient, and hardworking. She poured her life out for her family and creating hospitable spaces for them to enjoy. Patsy Kay was a bold, feisty innovator who never met a stranger or a project she didn't like. My hope is that this shop embodies the best of both of them.

I focus on felt florals for home and family, including individual blooms, bouquets, and accessories. I love the ways that my customers invite my work into their lives in big and small ways. This work has been, and continues to be, such a joy!


Z+K felt florals are made of wool felt and hand-crafted with you in mind! They're soft, durable, and provide the perfect pop of color for any space. The flowers + foliage each can take anywhere from two to twenty minutes to create, though I've gotten much faster over time.I started with just handful of designs in my repertoire and have expanded to over twenty varieties.